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    ...they always put me back toGether just in time to take another fall...

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    ..."the cold winds tried to sweep you away from me that day...
    I never felt quite so cold or so alive"...

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    ...i found your suitcase so tastefully packed by the door...
    a magnificent Gesture from the one that i loved...

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    ...i can't bring happy-ever-after back, and i can't make dreams come true for you... and i can't make anythinG stick but truth

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    ...i Guess maybe we just went too fast, or just not fast enouGh...

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"dad" from the upcominG new synerGy album "makinG anGels"

copyriGht 2015 - synerGy. lyrics: sears. music: cristofori, hayden, innes, kamm, sears. scalding hot music (ascap)

"montreal" from the upcominG new synerGy album "makinG anGels"

copyriGht 2015 - synerGy. lyrics: sears. music: cristofori, hayden, innes, kamm, sears. scalding hot music (ascap)

the band

Sean Cristofori

bass, vocals

Dave Hayden


Charlie Innes

Guitar, vocals

Jim Kamm


synerGy is a 5 piece rock band from killinGly, connecticut featurinG 2 Guitarists, 3 part harmonies, keyboards and an unhealthy obsession with capitalizinG the letter "G". their eclectic set list covers music from the 70's throuGh today and their hiGh enerGy show will have you on the dance floor all niGht lonG. But be warned... a niGht spent with synerGy may very well turn into many niGhts spent with synerGy

Pete Sears

keyboards, vocals





  • where the streets have no name - U2
  • surrender - cheap trick
  • comfortably numb - pink floyd
  • baba o'rielley/who are you/won't Get fooled aGain - the who
  • dani california - red hot chili peppers
  • hey jealousy - Gin blossoms
  • take it on the run - reo speedwagen
  • its the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine) - rem
  • story of a Girl - nine days
  • how bizarre - omc
  • bad case of lovinG you - robert palmer
  • Good - better than ezra
  • sedated - ramones
  • everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears
  • superfreak - rick james
  • paralyzer - finger eleven
  • train in vain - the clash
  • what's my aGe aGain - blink 182
  • all the small thinGs - blink 182
  • the real world - matchbox twenty
  • slide - Goo Goo dolls
  • just what i needed - the cars
  • and she was - talkinG heads
  • too much time on my hands - stxy
  • inside out - eve 6
  • if you could only see - tonic
  • fuck you - cee lo green
  • flagpole sittah - harvey danGer
  • bad romance - lady GaGa
  • freeze-frame - j Geils band
  • marGaritaville - jimmy buffet
  • rio - duran duran
  • i think i'm in love - eddie money
  • shippinG up to boston - dropkick murphys
  • urGent - foreiGner
  • come dancinG - the kinks
  • modern love - david bowie
  • the boys of summer - don henley
  • (i would walk) 500 miles - the proclaimers
  • beverly hills - weezer
  • my own worst enemy - lit
  • i need to know - tom petty
  • shine - collective soul
  • sex on fire - kinGs of leon
  • the the middle - jimmy eat world
  • Gives you hell - all american rejects
  • toniGht toniGht - hot chelle rae
  • low life - theory of a deadman
  • moves like jaGGer - maroon 5
  • everybody talks - neon trees
  • tubthumpinG - chumbawamba
  • holiday - Green day
  • american Girl - tom petty and the heartbreakers
  • blister in the sun - violent femmes
  • here comes my girl - tom petty
  • breakfast at tiffanys - deep blue something
  • closinG time - semisonic
  • lonG way down - GooGoo Dolls
  • locked out of heaven - bruno mars
  • plowed - SponGe
  • countinG stars - one republic
  • misty mountain hop / all my love / hey hey (streetcorner girl) - led zeppelin
  • demons - imaGine draGons
  • wake me up - avicii

original music

"what are you kiddinG me with this?"

"what are you kiddinG me with this" was recorded in drummer jim kamm's basement over a period of two years and features ten original sonGs. It was recorded on a Roland 24-track digital recorder that jim aquired when charlie took a hiatus from the band and quite frankly we didn't know what else to do with ourselves. We had had some original music that had been sitting on the shelf for years, and wrote some other songs during the time period leading up to recording. The album was to be called "what are you fuckinG kidding me with this?" after an amusing encounter sean had witnessed in NYC (ask him about it - his impression is priceless), but we chickened out at the last minute. Album art was done by pete. We finished and had the cds from discmakers in our hands in 2008. Some notes on the individual songs by pete and link to the full songs themselves below. Enjoy... one of these days we'll get to working on another one!


a song about a divorce, yours mine or anybody's... it's never ceased to amaze me how two people can go from makinG this huGe commitment to absolutely not beinG able to stand the siGht of one another. favorite line: "i found your suitcase so tastefully packed by the door - a maGnificent Gesture from the one that i love"



the first song we actually finished for the album... love the bass-line on this... so Glad jim was able to write that for sean... (that's a band in-joke!)

call me romeo

a sonG about a cocky asshole of a Guy who thinks he's a real romeo - the lyrics were written a long time aGo and it sounds a little like a history lesson these days with it's references to buyinG albums and calling long distance, but it still goes over well live and i've always loved the Great endinG. favorite line: "i guess maybe we just went too fast - or just not fast enough..."

shovel it on

i was looking to do something a little jazzy (piano wise) and one day dave just started playinG this beautiful chord progression... it soon turned a little "rush-esque" during the break but i absolutely love how this little melody turns all "hard rockish" when we want it to! One of those sonGs where i wonder "how the fuck did we come up with this?".... Glad we did! (also if you listen real hard you can hear some tony pezzano backGround vocals up in here!)

another pyrrhic victory

A Pyrrhic victory is a victory with such a devastating cost that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately lead to defeat. It was written for those people who come in and out of your life, and don't know how to say (unfortunately) "after all is said and done - you 're right - i was wrong" LOVE LOVE LOVE hayden's take on the lead (pinchin' notes like CRAZY!) it's also - just plain old unadulterated pop... all up in your face with like seven f-bombs thrown in for Good measure!"

fish on a mountain

ok - couple thinGs- -jim kamm starts this off SO WELL with that snare - one of my favorites... i also love the "psycho" reference at about 3:14, but let's face it - it's about people Growing apart and their efforts to keep some sort of bullshit alive in situations where that just is not possible - a really old sonG that we'd been playing for a long time... and the sonG on this recording came through pretty well. favorite line - "and i watched as the love - evaporated like clouds up above - and left me with nothinG but sky..."


a sonG about orGanized religion and what would probably happen if somethinG truly miraculous ever did actually occur. the fightinG sounds came from call of duty on an xbox that we set up in the basement and recorded. Currently the only sonG in the synerGy catalog that contains the word "streptococcus". Oh and that's sean cristofori on bass (not Geddy lee)... and let's be honest - after "fool in the rain" from led zeppellin - who DOESN'T want to blow a whistle in one of their sonGs?



i've been playinG in a band with dave hayden for 20 fuckinG years... and thouGht it was about time he Got a name-drop! Dave had been playnG this riff for a while and then for some reason one day this came about. I remember it came toGether really quickly. It's southern rock for northern rednecks... favorite line: "i wanna Get you back home and get you out of them jeans - and work you over like katrina did to new orleans"

lonG time cominG

Probably the angriest song i've ever written and perhaps a cautionary tale for those of you who think that chanGinG your lifestyle to fit someone else's idea of what happiness is is a Good idea.... love hayden's acoustic sound here durinG the break... I remember spendinG an inordinate amount of time on trying to get a baseball hit/crowd noise after the line "it's been like catching a fly ball in the pitch dark", which i 've always thought was a Great piece of imagery... so we actually brought in a couple of those old small fenway red sox bats - (the little ones - maybe a foot lonG - that you buy at the fenway consessionaires) and smacked them together - and there ya go!



i like the little hip-hop thinG we threw into this... truth be told - dave hayden had an awesome lead that really led into it and we fucked up and left it off the master that we sent to the duplication company... someday i'll put the real version up... and then you'll see! there's also a pretty sweet cameo by a can of busch liGht in there @ about 1:35... favorite line: "and you ever wanna do now is fight and spend my money... but i remember a girl so lonG aGo who'd rather spend my time... and i can't feel her anymore... there's just you..."



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synerGy is based in killinGly, connecticut. we have played shows throuGhout new england in connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, and new hampshire. we will travel throuGhout new enGland if the dates are open and it makes sense financially. We brinG full liGhts and sound. don't hesitate to ask about anythinG special... the worst we can do is say "no!"

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Please use the form below to contact us. Give us a brief description of your event, club or venue and date(s) available and someone will Get in touch with you by the next business day. thanks for your interest in synerGy and we hope to see you soon!



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